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Adding a few extras to your site can give your site what is called "stickiness". Which is ways of keeping your visitors at your site longer. Some are affiliate programs, others are added forms of entertainment for your visitors. Just remember that simple is more...don't overload your site with a bunch of extras and lose your content and purpose in the process.

Below are a few site suggestions to extras to make your site more interactive. If your web site is a WordPress site, you have your choice of over 14,000 third-party plugins to add. Click here to search.

  • Guest Books - Learn more about Guest Book Marketing including having your own here. Guest World* offers guest books. Their free guest books offers the ability to download the information to get your site's statistics.

  • Message Boards - where people can post messages and respond to already posted messages. InsideTheWeb offers free message boards giving the owner the option of moderating which posts are accepted or denied.

  • Web Polls - Be interactive with your visitors and obtain information at the same time. Site Gadgets offers a free poll page where you can update it as often as you wish. .

  • Sweepstakes & Contests - Creating excitement on your site and building your mailing database, makes this marketing strategy a gem. You'll bring people to your site that would normally never have found you. If you want to reach your target audience, have a prize that only they would be interested in.

  • Postcards & Classifieds - Allow your visitors to be interactive with others and to market themselves with your postcards and classifieds services. Site Gadgets, also, offers post card service.

These are just a few suggested extras and the sites listed are just a few examples of the many programs offered. Always research which features and programs are best for your site and your site's visitors.


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