Guest Books

Here is another little gem that few know about or take the time to utilize. Guest books on a site gives the site owner information about the visitors and, like feedback forms and surveys, offers insight from the visitors.


Using Other People's Guest Books

Signing of a guest-book is where they become a gem for your back-linking campaign.

  • Take a moment to fill in your comments "Great site!...Love the layout!...".
  • Leave your email address and web site's title and address.


  • Make sure that your comments are relative to the site and its content.
  • Do not leave sales pitches for your products, services and/or site.

You will be amazed at how many visitors you'll receive by this simple process. It's like leaving your business card for a curious passer-by to pick up. Additionally, when you fill in the web address field you are creating a 'back link' to your site. More back links equal better results in the search engines. If possible, make the link a keyword instead of just the name of the site.



Having a Guest Book on Your Site

This can be a form of testimonials on your site. A full guest book with useful remarks can be, in the eyes of your visitors, an appearance of high popularity, busy and perceived expert status.

You should make sure that whatever guest book program you use, that you have a "captcha" feature (where a person has to type in letters and numbers that appears in a box). This feature makes sure that it is a real person who is filling in the form. Also, having a 'moderation' feature where you approve/disapprove posts will help keep the spammers at bay.

For WordPress sites, check out the plugin section for a third-party guestbook.


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