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Social networking has taken the internet by storm. And of the dozens of sites devoted to this phenomenon, none has been bigger than Facebook. It boast anywhere from 700 to 750 million members, depending on who you listen to, and it is growing every day.

Don't have a Facebook account yet? Not sure how to set one up? Not a problem. That is what this article will help you to do. This will not be an all-encompassing Facebook tutorial, but it will get you on your way.


Setting up your Personal Page

Head on over to Facebook.com and you will be greeted with the usual login or set up option. Obviously your choice will be the set up one. This will consist of the basic stuff like first name, last name, email, re-enter email, your sex, and date of birth.

After that you will be given several options to complete the set up of your account. I am kind of hesitant to give you all the details for one simple reason. Facebook is constantly, and I do mean constantly, updating, modifying, and adding to or subtracting from their platform. I could tell you something right now, and by the time you go to implement it, the method might not even be available anymore. But, with that said, it is still pretty easy to finish the completion of your profile. Remember too, you can always finish it at a later time. And modify it anytime you see fit.


Status Updates

One neat thing you will notice once you are logged in to your Facebook account is a Status bar right underneath a bar that says News Feed. This is so convenient and super easy to use. You can instantly tell everyone what you are doing; you can also post or upload a photo, video, website link, and even ask a question. Be careful though, this can become addictive, especially in the beginning.


Groups and Posting "Likes"

Once again, easy peasy. You can easily create a group. Alongside the left sidebar is a "Create Group" option. Click on it, give it a name, and add people's names to it that you would like to invite. Who knows? You invite them, they invite others, and next thing you know, you've created a stampede.

And with the "Like" button, you simply see certain posts that have the "Like" option on the page, click "Like" and it lets everyone who has contact to your page know about something you think might be worth them looking into. This is also a good button to have should you one day set up a fan page or page for your business. But that is for another article.


Privacy Protection

And last, but certainly not least, you want your privacy protected. As I said above regarding the account setup, this is something you want to go into and explore yourself. And if you have questions, feel free to ask friends already on Facebook or check out the help section.

Some things you never want to post on your page. That you are going on vacation. Your address. Some people don't even list their whole birth date, because of possible identity theft issues. A lot of things you don't want people to see or know are really common sense. In this instance, sometimes less is better. And stay up to date on Facebook changes regarding privacy issues and what they share with outside parties. Facebook has caught some well-deserved flak for certain things account-related it has shared with outside interests.

So, with that said, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get your account set up. But be careful, you may end up spending more time there than you ever thought you would.


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