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Creating a Facebook Fan Page can be a very fulfilling experience. And if you are using it for business purposes it can also be financially rewarding too. The purpose of this article will be to give you a brief overview of what it entails.

Until March 2011 Facebook utilized what is called FBML to build its Fan Pages, but after that it switched over to the Iframe technology. What that consists of is outside the scope of this article; however, there are several places online where you can learn how to use Iframes. A simple Google or YouTube search should have you on your way. Here are some pointers though to help you get started.


What type of Fan Page

For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume you want to set up a Fan Page for business purposes. That being said, to begin, you need to proceed to facebook.com/pages and click the "Create Page" button you will see in the upper right corner. You will be presented with six options for pages. You want to choose either Local Business or Place, or Brand or Product. The type of business, product, service, or affiliate offer you will be promoting will determine which one you choose. If you are promoting something as an affiliate, the product owner or site which is hosting the product (Clickbank, etc.) will usually have instructions for you as to which type of page to utilize.


Customizing your Page

Once you are into the control panel section of your page there is a multitude of options available to you. I am hesitant to lay out those choices because if there is one thing you know, or will find out about Facebook, they are constantly changing things around. What I tell you today, may not apply tomorrow. But, it is pretty easy to toy around with the settings and options in there. Don't be shy. The more you put on your page, and the more relevant it is to what you are offering, the more viewers you should get. And the search engines will start to notice that too.


Getting Fan Page Likes

There are many ways to do this. I will list a few here. One is to post a status update on both your personal and fan pages. Another is to let people know and ask them to join, and ask them to ask other to join also. Don't be shy here. This is your business and livelihood.

Another method is to give them an incentive to"like" your page. It could be in the form of a free video, audio, pdf report, whitepaper, whatever. You are only limited by your imagination here.

I hope this article has been helpful in your implementing a Facebook Fan Page.


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