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Video Marketing and Why It Is a Must for Your Marketing Arsenal

If you are in the internet marketing game or have any type of business online or offline and you are not using video marketing, you are missing out big time. With video marketing you are essentially engaging two of the most important senses in people; visual and auditory. Think about it, you have their attention (provided it is a well produced video) and they are listening to what you have to say.

Of course, there are an ever-growing number of video sharing sites on the internet, but for purposes of this article, which we will keep brief and to the point, we will focus on the big daddy (or mama) of them all, Youtube.

I am going to assume that you already know a little something about at least producing the video and preparing it for upload to Youtube. The prompts available on Youtube make it very easy to upload your video and even set up your own channel.

Obviously, if you are planning to implement video marketing into your promotional toolbox, there are some objectives you will be trying to achieve, such as:

  • Setting up and customizing your Youtube channel

  • Uploading your videos and adding tags, descriptions, etc.

  • Getting views, friends, subscribers

  • Allowing comments

Setting up and customizing is easy, and you can always go back in and play around with it. Once you have your account set up, go into your account and on the right hand side you will see your Youtube username. Click the drop-down box and it will have a listing called Channel. Click on that and you will be given a wide of array of options to choose from for customizing your own personal channel.

When you upload your videos to Youtube, it is very important that you add the proper tags and descriptions. As far as tags go, use every single tag you can think of but make sure they are relevant to your video and its message. In the description be as thorough as you can in conveying the message of the video.

And now this subject here is so important I am giving it its own paragraph. Make double sure that the leading word in your video description is the website that you are trying to have the viewer go to, which could for example be, or whatever it is. A word of advice here too. If it is a super long ugly affiliate type link, use a link or URL shortener. It is very important that you do this, both for search engine optimization purposes, and making it easy for the viewer to click straight through to your site. Do not overlook this very important point.

There are a number of ways to get Youtube views. The easiest would be to go to and in the search bar type Youtube views. Once the listings come up, click on the ratings link along the top so you will make sure you are dealing with proven providers who have a very high positive feedback rating.

Also, if you are on Facebook, Twitter, etc., make sure that you post in those locations that you have a new video on Youtube. Additionally, there are paid methods you can use available on Youtube itself.

Make friends with other Youtube members with whom you feel you may be able to mutually help each other out with views, likes, friends, subscribers, etc. And make sure that your videos are always set to where anybody can view them. Never opt for the private route. And make it one-click easy to allow viewers to subscribe to your channel.

And always allow comments to be posted on your videos. Whether they are written or video responses. Hey, you may not always agree with some of the postings. But sometimes you learn more from constructive criticism than from thumbs up postings.

So, there you have it. It is impossible to explain everything Youtube related in the scope of any article. The best way of all to discover and learn from this essential marketing tool is to go over there, sign up, jump on in, and get your feet wet. Good luck in your endeavors.

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