Site Tracking & Market Research

  • Site Tracking is a very important part of marketing. Learning who is visiting your site, where they're coming from, what keywords get them there, mobile verses computer viewing your site and what their computer settings will become vital information used to help mold or re-mold your marketing plan and site itself.


    Tracking Software / Services

    Software that, based on your log files or browser downloads, determines user information from your web site's visitors can be extremely helpful for determining what your visitors see, how long they stay and more.

    Online services, such as Google Analytics, give you code that gathers the information for you. These statistics can enhance your marketing plan by using real-time statistics, as well as increase advertising dollars on your site.

    Both online service/software should include, but not limited to, the following:

    • Browsers - should tell you what browsers your visitors are using to view your site. Sites should be created to be readable in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera browser. Creating a site to be viewed only in one browser will cut out visitors and this is not in your site's best interest.
    • Resolution - Find out what resolution your visitors are viewing the site in. If you create your site with your computer set at 1280 x 768 pixels and your visitors have their computers set at 1024 x 768 pixels or visa-versa, your site may appear to them to be distorted.
    • Referring Sites - Find out which sites have you linked and which ones are sending you the most visitors. Those are places you want to consider placing your advertisements.
    • Referring Search Engines - You don't just want to know which search engines are sending you the most, but you also want to know which keywords are being used most to find you. Also the search engines that are not referring, find out how to get your site higher on their results.
    • Referring Email - Find out if your mailing lists, sponsorships, and/or email marketing strategies are paying off. If not you need to rethink your strategy.

    Monitor the sites tracking on a weekly basis at minimal.

    I recommend looking at: Extreme Tracker and WebTrends


    Market Research

    Getting feedback is vital to learning how effective your website works for capturing your target audience's attention and/or how well your services or products work. The recommended methods are site feedback forms, email and market surveys.

    Site Feedback Forms & Email

    • Visitors can fill in the information as they browse your site.
    • Send email to members of your mailing list with questions of their opinions.

    Market Survey

    • Should be done before and during the marketing of your site.
    • Choosing a reputable online marketing firm will bring more accurate results. They have an established list of Internet surfers who will receive cash, prizes or a chance at a cash or prize sweepstake for their time.
    • When the results are in, decide whether or not to make changes to the site before you start marketing or to your current plan.

    Information in both should include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Navigation
    • Layout
    • Design
    • Likelihood of returning
    • Likelihood of purchasing the product/service
    • How did they find your site?


    Informal Market Research

    Get research results faster these days with "informal research' methods, such as:

    • Social Network Status/Posts - Use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to posts qutestions regarding new programs.
    • Polls - Facebook currently has polls that you can quickly build to ask specific questions. You can, also, add a third-party plugin into your WordPress site.


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