Submission Process - Getting Listed in the Search Engines

Manual Submission

You should always submit your site manually to the top search engines to ensure your listing is submitted properly and promptly.

Rules in manual submission are:

  • Read all instructions carefully.
  • For most of them, you'll need to only type in your site's url and a contact email address.
  • For others, you'll need to search for the most appropriate category and then enter in site title, description, url and contact email address.

Click on the links below for 6 search engine submission or instruction pages:


Automated Submission

The following are the auto-submisson tools that are used by this site and are highly recommended:
  • - both manual and automatic submission (donation only and with donation gives you access to submit your site to a multitude of award sites)


How Often to Submit

For all except Altavista it is recommended to submit to the search engines once a month at minimum. Altavista only when the site has been updated.


Which Pages to Submit

Submit your index or default page always. It doesn't hurt to submit all your pages. The engines will spider through your links.


Premium Paid

Premium paid services simply get your site's submission viewed faster and possibly in the database faster. Other services for fee are sponsorship spots at the top of the page for specific keywords and even advertisement spots. Consider your marketing budget prior to jumping those opportunities.

Search Engine Watch has a breakdown of the costs of Premium Paid search engines, click here to learn more.



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