Press Releases

The quick and easy lesson for press releases is:

  • Learn how to write an effective associated press style (also, known as, AP style) press release or pay someone else to do it.
  • Send out press release.

Okay, so that was too quick and not so informative. Here are more details to help you get started...


Original Purpose

The original purpose of writing and sending a press release was to announce your company, a new product or service or any newsworthy event to the media. These releases were mailed through the postal mail and eventually faxed to news show producers or journalists of the newspapers in hopes to entice them to come and interview you to write or show your story to their audiences. The goal was not to write the actual story but rather the facts so they choose the angle to write/show.


Modern Purpose

Today a press release has more work and more benefits than the ones of the yesteryear. Now, instead of just being an announcement for the media, a release is put out through a web-based service that journalists of all mediums (newspapers, television news, magazines, etc...) all go to find the latest news story. In addtion, the press releases are sent out through a syndiction feed where they are seen on other sites with related audiences. More eyes no matter if a member of the media picks it up or not.

Additionally, many press release service sites allow you to place a link back to your site within the release. This back linking will lend a great helping hand to increasing your rankings in the search engines organic area. BONUS! You may also find yourself in Google News which will definitely increase your site's exposure.


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