Why advertise on a High Google PageRank site?

Online advertising has changed a great deal over the years. There were days when many people didn’t know about advertising online, or the efficiency and exposure of online adverts. But now, increasing number of companies advertise online and almost every service, or product, is advertised online. Both paid advertising and free advertising are rampant. But, how can one get the best out of online advertising?


While there are many ways, sources and methods to advertise online, one thing that’s most common about online advertisement is the exposure. Though there are many free classified sites, paid advertising has its own merits.


If we look at TV adverts, the charges vary with the time displayed, with prime time displays charged the highest. Why? Prime time is considered as a slot when most people watch TV. This way, the advertisement is viewed by many, which indirectly means more exposure. Likewise, when considering online advertisements, the key is to get attention from maximum visitors. With more visitors to a site, there are more chances of a person viewing, clicking and taking the ad further.


So, how does one get sites that attract more traffic? It’s very simple. The most preferred search engine is Google and that’s what marketers and common people use predominantly.  Google has a unique indexing and rating method.  Page Rank, uses the acronym PR, is typically Google’s way of ranking pages in their searches. Google ranks a page calculating several factors and Page Rank is one of those factors.  While every search engines ranks a site, PR is unique for Google and the sites that have higher ranks have best content, genuine traffic and have more confidence from Google. There are tools to determine PR, with Google Toolbar topping the list.


The first and foremost reasons to choose high PR sites for paid advertising – fast indexing! Sites with higher PR are regularly crawled by Google. So identifying sites that are relevant to your business’s niche and then purchasing a text link ad is important. This way, the ads will get targeted leads. When opting for paid advertising, it’s obvious that one will expect better returns. When posting an ad to high PR sites, the exposure is better and more refined.


The next reason will be quality backlinks. Here, one must understand, Google, or any other search engine will be very particular about the types of links a site gets. When a link is placed in relevant source, it’s crawled by search engines. The more high quality links to a site, the more visibility a site gets. This is yet another, most important benefit of advertising on a High PR site. Links from good sites are likely to boost a site’s rankings, though care should be taken, to avoid too many backlinks!


Last but not the least, traffic! When opting for paid advertising with high PR sites, one gets better traffic. High PR sites tend to have more traffic and many are likely to click the ad and proceed to the ad’s site. So when the ad is posted to relevant sites, the chances of getting conversions are higher. When posting in numerous free classifieds, though it might seem like better visibility, it might not really be! More links do not mean more traffic – they could in fact mean SPAM! Don’t fall the free tag, paid advertising pays off well. After all, none will want to see their site banned for spamming by Google! So instead of choosing hundred free sites, choosing even five or ten high PR sites, will not only get more conversions, but will rank the site better.

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