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UIBC - Peak Potential Ultimate Internet Boot CampT. Harv Eker’s company, Peak Potentials, created a 5-day boot camp for launching your online internet business.  I have known several people I have met through Peak Potentials’ MMI (Millionaire Mind Intensive) who participated in the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp.

Funny enough, I can guess the schedule of the next UIBC based on Facebook and email questions that start coming my way. Before you arrive to UIBC, you have to have some items in place to kick off your 5-day internet business workshop right.One of those items is to have a domain name. The most common email I receive is, “Elizabeth, I’m going to T. Harv Eker’s UIBC.  They want me to have a domain name ready. First what is a domain name? How do I purchase one? And, most importantly, how do I know I have the right one? I really want to do this right. Can you show me how to do this? ” signed UIBC soon-to-be-attendee

If you have signed up for an upcoming Peak Potentials Ultimate Internet Boot Camp and have the same questions, the answers are as follows:

1. What is a domain name?
This is your web address (also known as a URL). It typically looks like:

2.How do I purchase one?
You’re not actually purchasing as much as you’re “registering” which is a form of leasing.  You pay for it annually and if you miss a payment, you can lose it.  This means watch for those renewal emails closely.  You can buy a domain name here.

3. How do I know I have the right one?
Great question. You have to do some research first to make sure you use the right keywords in your domain name. Make sure it has the words with the highest number of searches in the search engines. If you’re unfamiliar this type of research, don’t worry. 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing has you covered.

We have created a coaching video to help you get the right domain name and you don’t have to spend $97 to learn it.  You don’t have to spend 3 days of reading to figure it out. Nope, you can learn how to do this by watching our 37 minute video for only $16.97.

Less than $17 and you’re ready to go and we’ve included BONUS documentation with the links typed out for you.  No need to remember the links, just copy/paste into your browser (IE, Firefox, how you find web pages) and you’re there.

To order your video for buying the right domain name, simply click here:

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