Ask the Internet Marketing Expert on Building an Email List

Question Asked On Another Forum: How can I increase my email subscriber list?     Answer from Elizabeth: Giveaways are the common answers posted here [in the forum thread]. Two things on giveaways for gaining … [Read more...]

Youtube – Video Marketing Essentials

You’ve taken the time to create the video, set up the channel and even uploaded a few videos. So why not take the time to make them reach a bigger audience then those from your site and fan page? is the third used search … [Read more...]

Seed Fans, Friends, Views, Followers

Have you heard yet the term ‘seed’ before fans, friends, views or followers? No, you will. It’s a sneaky little trick that will be found out eventually and somehow the “powers that be” will find a way to stop them. Please note this article is to … [Read more...]

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