Safe Selling on Clickbank

In the non-internet world, retailers are always fighting a war with shoplifters and people who would take your product without paying for it.  You would think that this kind of thing would not be a problem in an online world.  … [Read more...]

Making Clickbank Affiliates Your Own

One thing many merchants love about putting product out on the Clickbank market is they really don’t have to recruit affiliates to sell the product.  Clickbank has some 150,000 affiliates scanning the product listings … [Read more...]

The Gears that Turn Clickbank

Venturing into the world of the Clickbank marketplace requires that we start from a fresh slate and not go in with any presumptions.  The two presumptions that seem to slow people up the most is that Clickbank is for internet guru types who know … [Read more...]

Clickbank Refunds and What You Can Do About It

The internet is not the only place that refunds is an issue to a retailer.  From the perspective of the internet merchant, customer satisfaction is of the highest priority.  Because competition for customer loyalty is fierce, you know that keeping … [Read more...]

Picking Products on Clickbank

When you are setting yourself up to be an affiliate on Clickbank, you almost go through overload.  Clickbank offers 10,000 products that you can pick from to sell online, each of which usually offers a pretty generous … [Read more...]

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