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I am so in love with online marketing and so passionate about this very large topic that sometimes my brain goes blank on what topic to write.  Additionally, I am experienced well above the newbie, web business owner, I can sometimes forget that which seems so easy to me is still new and needed to be learned by others.  Either of these two issues can cause any business owner to lose touch with what their customers want.  How do we solve these problems when it comes to writing blog posts and our brains draw a blank as we go to write?

Market research is always your answer first.  Go to the prospective consumers of your products and do a wild and crazy thing… ask them!  There are numerous ways to accomplish this and each way can give you a topic list that will keep you busy writing for months if you go to the right places.

I wanted to know which online marketing training course to create next.  I had a couple of ideas of what I thought I should create but decided to find out what was “hot” on the minds of my prospective consumers.  So I went into Facebook and posted on the 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing Fan Page, in two groups for solopreneurs (single entrepreneurs working an online business) and on my personal page.  “Time management” and “writing sales copy” topics were the top two most requested.  I have created the time management online training course already and the next one, you guessed it, how to write great sales copy, is on the schedule.

Other ways of market research can be found in our free “Strategies Library” here.

Additionally, you can go to discussion forums where your prospects hang out and go through the questions that they are posting.  You should be doing this anyhow for marketing yourself by answering their questions.  While you’re there, take some of the questions and write a blog post with the answer because if they’re asking in a forum, there’s a good chance visitors to your site are wanting the same answers.

Lastly, go to Twitter (or other social networks, blogs) and see what your competition is writing about. Do not plagiarize but glean ideas for those weeks that you’re in a slump.  Challenge yourself to come up with a better answer or article than they wrote.

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