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First Webinar Recorded and Ready for Viewing!

  August 4, 2011 - it is reported that Elizabeth Varian, 1-2-3's of Internet Marketing Coach, survived her first webinar presented on Ustream. "The chat room was busy and the ads were plenty. " Overall, Elizabeth felt good about the final … [Read more...]

Samantha Gluck – Copywriter

Samantha Gluck began her freelance copywriting and journalism career at the delicate age of 12. Her father, an entrepreneur himself, taught her how to write copy and newspaper ads for his thriving south Texas jewelry business. She learned about the … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Plan Creation in Just 5 Steps

 New here? Like us on Facebook to get notified of new posts. Are you new in internet marketing and is yet to learn the ropes on how to promote and market your business? Before you get on with the nitty-gritty of complicated marketing campaigns, … [Read more...]

WordPress Premium Themes: Give an Amazing Experience to You and Your Visitors

New here? Like us on Facebook to get notified of new posts. You might be satisfied with the free WordPress themes that you are using right now. But do you know about the many features and benefits that WordPress premium themes can give … [Read more...]

Video Marketing: A Quick and Easy Strategy to Bring Traffic to Your Website

New here? Like us on Facebook to get notified of new posts. Video marketing is very hot these days as more and more companies are using it to market their businesses. And because this is something that many new marketers are not an expert of, they … [Read more...]

Ask the Internet Marketing Expert on Building an Email List

Question Asked On Another Forum: How can I increase my email subscriber list?     Answer from Elizabeth: Giveaways are the common answers posted here [in the forum thread]. Two things on giveaways for gaining … [Read more...]

Pinterest for Business

With giant social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and with so many new social networks coming into the picture, things are beginning to look pretty attractive for business owners. Just like Google+, Pinterest is currently the new social … [Read more...]

Mastering One Internet Marketing Strategy at a Time

Well, every other person that you come across these days seems to be involved in the internet marketing business. The internet itself is abounding with success stories and pundits doling out ideas to succeed in the game. But most experts are offering … [Read more...]

I’m Just Different…

I tend to do some pretty crazy things sometimes. It seems to have been a fairly consistent way of being for me.   I have made my Mom absolutely mad with worry over some of my antics through the years.  My family just shake their heads and say, … [Read more...]

Why Google+ Is Important?

June 28, 2011 was the day Google+ was launched. What started off with an ‘invitation-only’ phase was soon fully launched on September 20, 2011 allowing everyone of age 18 or above to make an account. Officially Google+ is a social networking tool and … [Read more...]

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