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Local Business Marketing – See How It Can Help You

These days people turn to the Internet for everything. If they are interested in finding a product locally, they are going to turn to their favorite search engine to find it. Where people would have turned to their phone books even five years ago so … [Read more...]

Web Hosting with a World-Leading Service Provider

New here? Like us on Facebook to get notified of new posts. In creating a website, you will need two things: a domain name and a web hosting service provider. If you are looking for one of the best hosting companies there are, Host Gator  is … [Read more...]

Things about Website Design that People Hate

New here? Like us on Facebook to get notified of new posts. Is Your Website Design a Turnoff? The task of designing a website is not as easy as it seems. It is important to make the website as easy to browse through as possible.  Good … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Marketing Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

New here? Like us on Facebook to get notified of new posts. With the various marketing strategies that can be employed today, most of the online businesses are having a hard time choosing that one best marketing strategy to get started. It can be a … [Read more...]

Me? An Expert?!?! Really!?

After 10+ years in business helping owners get their businesses onto the Internets super highway, I am still shocked to find the fear in people’s eyes when I tell them I do “Expert Marketing”.  They will cow down, slump over and stammer words out … [Read more...]

Selling Everyday on Clickbank

There is a prevailing mythology about the Clickbank marketplace that it is virtually an effort free profit machine.  Its easy to get the wrong idea because it is a marketplace where if you get your product out there into the Clickbank marketplace, … [Read more...]

Making Clickbank Affiliates Your Own

One thing many merchants love about putting product out on the Clickbank market is they really don’t have to recruit affiliates to sell the product.  Clickbank has some 150,000 affiliates scanning the product listings … [Read more...]

Heaven For Small Business

Starting a small business has to be one of the most courageous things a person can do.  There are a lot of unknowns that can strike fear into the heart of any small business owner.  Issues of labor, supply and demand and the … [Read more...]

Ask the Internet Marketing Expert on Building an Email List

Question Asked On Another Forum: How can I increase my email subscriber list?     Answer from Elizabeth: Giveaways are the common answers posted here [in the forum thread]. Two things on giveaways for gaining … [Read more...]

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