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While doing some market research on what my prospects really wanted to learn to be successful, I found the topic of “time management” to be the most common.  I have been self-employed for so long and with so many different time schedules that I had to stop and really think about how I manage my time and why I can successfully produce for my businesses in the time allotted to me.

My own story of learning to manage my time goes back to when I worked at CBS  Let’s just say back in the beginning,  I had no idea of how to manage my time.  In fact my system was rather a big disorganized mess and the old ‘Cathy’ comic strips of her “In’ box being so overwhelming was my reality.  Here’s how my old days of so-called “time management” went:

I would get into the office earlier than most.  I had a legal pad with a long list of tasks with some crossed off from the day before.  My first task at my modular desk after turning my computer on was to rip off the old task list and start a new task list first with the ones that were not crossed off from the prior day.  Then I’d check my voice messages which added to my new day’s task list.  I’d review the 20-plus sticky notes stuck all around my computer monitor for what was promised as urgent.  Then I did the obvious next step – get busy on crossing off tasks.

Throughout the day my job of crossing off tasks from my list was interrupted by people stopping at my desk to ask questions (or to gossip about the latest mill chat), phone calls from other departments and co-partners of my “Sports Careers” product that I ran, and even crazy things like going to the restroom or getting lunch.  Each department that my product needed to be represented in required regular and unscheduled meetings. Each meeting added a lot of new tasks to my list and that made my list grow considerably longer (as did my sticky-note art work that was forming around my monitor).

The co-partner of the “Sports Careers” product that I managed happened to be the Franklin Covey sports division.  Upon taking over the product from another employee who started it and the partnership, I was given a beautiful, black leather binder for the Franklin Covey day time calendar system.  It sat on my desk as a displayed gift until that very, blessed phone call where my contact realized I wasn’t using their system.  They, as a kind partner gesture, sent me to their eight-hour training course on how to use the system and to get the fillers for my limited edition binder.

I give credit to this day to that system for me leaving CBS as a Senior Producer for another company to be the Vice President of Web Development.  Since becoming an entrepreneur working with small businesses all over the USA and the world, I’ve had to polish my time management skills.  I have created a time management system based on me.  I’ve learned that most systems out there are great for the creators of the systems and for anyone who shares their same goals, personalities, times of focused energy, etc…

As an online entrepreneur of two businesses plus a hobby web site, I have to wear a great many hats to keep my sanity.  My tasks include, but are not limited to:

1. Webmaster For Hire: managing individual projects which include new site designs, site updates/change requests, and monthly marketing tasks to be completed for the clients.  I have a team that needs information from me regarding the clients for them to complete their tasks.  Hire and manage team members to keep up with demands and needs of the business.  Administration tasks include of billing clients, paying my team members, paying the bills, reconciling my own bank accounts, and keeping my books in general.  Marketing must be on-going to keep the pipeline filled with new clients and new work.  Emails have to be answered for prospects, sending project quotations and answering client and team member questions. In-person travel to coaching clients and emails to keep them accountable of homework given.  Troubleshooting is a must when those ‘unforeseen’ issues come up for a team member who can’t figure something out, collections of billing that isn’t paid in a set time period or my computer or a site have a “glitch”.  Just to name a few task items.

2. 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing: organizing and creating new training courses, uploading them, getting the graphics, adding them to the site, blog posts and email for announcements.  Write blog posts to continue to educate visitors about online marketing and online business success.  Create videos for video marketing.  Visit forums to help others who don’t know I exist.  Update old videos that aren’t pulling stats.  Check stats for bounce rate and create a plan to decrease it. Visit social networks to get my site noticed.  Continue education on Internet marketing strategies to stay competitive. Billing includes making sure my partner receives his percentage of agreed sales.  Add new text links manually to the site as they are sold. Set up emails to go out, set up rss feed email, fix rss feed that wasn’t working.  Create eBook for giveaway.  Add new features and functions to the site itself.  Write articles for sites that I’m a guest blogger that’s unique from my own and a whole bunch more…

I won’t even go into the tasks for my hobby site, S. A. Fashion Police, because it is currently on auto-pilot.

Even though I have to do a lot of the above, I still have my sanity, time for Jazzercise classes, time for my walks on the beach at night, going to church and time with friends.  I do it all by first becoming a full-time student at the University of Y-O-U (or in my case, the University of M-E).  Then I use parts of the system I learned from the Franklin Covey system years ago along with some other priority systems that work.

I have taken all of my knowledge, along with a spreadsheet I use for 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing, and created the “Time Management – Organize & Thrive” online training course.  If you’d like to learn how to improve your own time management, you can visit here to purchase.

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