Me? An Expert?!?! Really!?

After 10+ years in business helping owners get their businesses onto the Internets super highway, I am still shocked to find the fear in people’s eyes when I tell them I do “Expert Marketing”.  They will cow down, slump over and stammer words out like, “I’m not an EXPERT!” or “Expert is a bit strong of a word, don’t you think?”  It’s shocking to me how someone is in business and they don’t want to be viewed as an expert.  An expert is someone who knows what they’re talking about in their industry… why wouldn’t you want to be called one?


Why are you in business? Why would a customer want to buy anything you’re selling if you are NOT the expert? Money is valuable, especially these days, and people don’t want to waste it on ‘maybe he knows what he’s doing’ or ‘maybe she will know enough to get me by for a short bit.”  Webmaster For Hire specializes in service markets, these are markets that provide intangible goods to their customers and clients.  Service has value but that value has to be seen by your prospects by your confidence in your skills and knowledge.


Do you have to know EVERYTHING to be an expert? No, but you do need to know what you’re talking about and there is always room for learning and growing.  For example, if you’re a business coach and your experience and knowledge is mainly in business plans and strategic growth – then you are a “business plan and growth strategic expert”.  There are so many facets to business coaching that no one person can have 100-percent knowledge in all areas.  Of course, you can grow your knowledge in other areas of business and therefore grow your areas of expertise. Until then, you will reap more benefits if you focus your marketing on being an expert in the specific areas where you have the knowledge and experience.


A great, living example of this is Suze Orman.  She markets herself as a personal finance expert and not a financial expert.  She defines her expertise and she sticks to it.  She doesn’t discuss large corporate finances, small business finances or anything outside of the area of her expertise.  People are drawn to her who are seeking personal financial advice.  If someone were seeking business financial advice, she’d redirect them to an expert in that field.


Don’t be afraid of the word ‘expert’ when you’re marketing yourself.  The methods and strategies you will learn here at 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing are most focused on ‘Expert Marketing’ – showing you off as the expert.  Why? Because that is my area of expertise.  I am an expert at expert marketing.


Remember: People buy from experts and they come back for more time after time after time.


Today – you are the expert in your industry!  Be the expert!

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