Facebook Fan Page Wall Photo – Hey! How’d You Do Dat?

I have a friend who is learning social networking hands-on.  This means she is being paid to do other people’s social networking while she learns it’s herself.  Other people saw she was getting results with little knowledge and wanted the same.  Therefore, they’re willing to pay her to continue to learn as she grows their network.

This, also, means I get a lot of questions from her as she learns. -smile-.  One of the recent questions was about the Facebook Fan Page wall photo on the left side of our page.

My Facebook wall photo is long and commands attention because it isn’t the common size.  To see what she saw, visit here.  So, how did I do it?  Well I could get real technical and give you a loooooooooong drawn out answer to appear that this is a highly difficult task to accomplish.  Since I’m short on time and I really want you to get it, here’s the ‘how’:…   are you ready?…   I simply uploaded the image.

Yup, it’s really that easy.  The height is not set in the Facebook code and that means it adjusts itself to the height of the actual image you have uploaded.

Now why would I, or anyone for that matter, create the longer image?  To use the real estate (the physical area of the page) wisely.  I can convey more of my message, a call to action and to standout from all the Facebook personal pages by doing this.

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