Google+: The Key to Your Online Business Success

Why is Google+ Important for your Online Business?

With the exponential growth and subsequent saturation of social media sites, Google+ is a golden opportunity for Online Businesses. From the beginning, Google has been supportive to online businesses and products. Now Google has introduced Google+: a simple yet elegant social experience. According to industry analysts, Google+ fares much better than other established social websites  Facebook and Twitter.

+1: Getting Indexing

But why is Google+ any different from other Social Media Sites? It is due to the fact that Google+ is built upon the same structure that Google is so famous for. Google+ incorporates an improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business. We already know that Google is the world-wide leader in search engine, and by simply adding a + before a query in Google, you will be directed to a Google+ profile. Thus your business will not only be searched within Google+, but with Google Search also.

What are Google+ Circles?

Circles is an innovative and simplistic feature introduced by Google. Circles denote your target audience and prospective customers. You can now organize your contacts the way you like  according to segments or interests. This is a revolutionary step  you can segregate among different consumer groups and that are too online! You can add friends, family, associates, acquaintances and clients in your business network. Additionally if you want to send out a message to only a specific group of your contact without others letting know, you can do that with Google+. There is virtually no limit on the number of people you add to your Google+ profile. But there are certain terms and conditions to be followed. google + circles

Google+ Hangouts & Huddles with Extras

Tech geniuses have regarded Google+ hangouts & huddle feature as a Game-changer. Hangouts & Huddle features voice and video plug-ins. Now you can setup online voice + video meetings with your team-members, clients, and even suppliers.

Screen sharing:

Screen sharing lets you share your desktop with other people. Collaborate your work with team members or simply share your presentations with business prospects and clients.


Sketchpad is vital for brainstorming sessions. It lets you share your ideas seamlessly online. Be creative and involve your customers by holding ingenious games.

Google Docs:

Google Docs is a huge step towards Googles aim of integrating work and social life. Now you can share your documents straight from Google Docs to Hangouts. No waiting for uploading and downloading. Present your Business Plans to investors or share catchy advertisements with customers.

Named Hangouts:

This feature allows you to specifically name hangouts. This provides your followers with an idea about the topic you will be speaking on.

google + hangouts

Google+ Sparks

Sparks is the new way of searching and following specific content online  similar to RSS feeds. You can search using pre-defined Google categories or setup your own keywords. The result will display stories and posts that interest you. Additionally you can also share content  articles, images, business information and videos with your circles.

Google+ Analytics Features

Google+ offers certain unique analytics options that allow you to oversee how viral is your content. For e.g. Ripple feature allows you to analyze and identify Influencers within your network. You can now examine who is sharing your content and how influential they are. Click here to explore. google+ analytics  

Recommended Link Feature on Google+

This is an attractive Google way of directing people from your Google+ page to your websites or other relevant pages. This feature allows you to add links on your Google+ page. Recommended Link Feature is available under the About section. Google + Coda

Google+ Security

Google+ is backed by extraordinary security and privacy measures. It fares well as compare to Facebook and Twitter. You can not only restrict the visibility of your Google+ Circles, but you can also restrict the visibility of your Google+ posts. As Google+ evolves, Google is implementing newer Profile Privacy Policies to make your social experience more secure.

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