Google PPC vs Facebook PPC ads – Which is better for you?

In the advent of the social media rave, many internet marketing professionals are increasingly finding themselves wondering where their PPC (pay-per-click) dollars would do better spent – on Facebook or in the traditional medium that we have always known them to be in Google.

Depending on the type of business that you have, effective online marketing using PPC ads seems to be coming more from Facebook than from Google. The one distinguishing advantage is that with Facebook, you can target niche markets that much more effectively. Google, for example, is structured to know that a certain individual is in the house market. With added interaction on Facebook though, an internet marketer can get more information to help them target their sale better. They will know the neighborhood preferences of that individual, they may know exactly what he wants to spend and they may even know what kind of neighbors this person wants to have.

All the internet marketer then has to do is align their products or services to fit this data and they have a sale. Google is not having an easy time with this new type of online marketing it seems that if they want to keep up, they may have to reinvent PPC advertising, and then catch up with what Facebook has been doing so far.

In addition to providing such targeted specifics, a joint venture between Facebook and Bing now has Bing as the default search engine for Facebook users, who are in the hundreds of millions and who continue to grow daily. This means that the dominance that Google has created with search engine technology will slowly lose market share, and because online marketing professionals will want to go where the masses are, they will design their products and marketing to accommodate users who are on Bing.

Facebook is now able to collect data so much more effectively than Google. What we will probably witness next is a great migration of search engine users as they head towards where they can get more targeted information, and that is towards Facebook.

All this will not leave marketers and users free of the 3 key questions that must be answered before any PPC campaign

  1. How much will it cost to put up a PPC campaign?
  2. Which offers me better test results and faster? Facebook or Google?
  3. Looking at the business, which one will ultimately work better?

Big names like are already naming Facebook as the “to go” to place for internet marketers. According to the Social Network Ad Spending Organization, As more marketers incorporate social networks in their business, they will no longer look at them as soloed destinations. Instead, they will look to increase the impact of their social network presence by linking it to other marketing initiatives, both online and offline.

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