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“I’ve been receiving a ton of spam emails. Do these people/companies/etc. think we are going to join their opportunity based off an out-of-the-blue call, esp. some prerecorded message? How do I reduce my spam?”



Answer from Elizabeth:

You know it’s funny, back in 1995, we who were online were begging anybody and everybody to email us. Now we are so inundated that it’s exhausting to deal with it all.

Unfortunately, people have been taught that email is the cheapest way to get sales. Cheap for them but not for the poor hosting companies and ISPs (internet service providers) who have to deal with it. So they’re spamming like crazy.

Here are some tips…

1. Don’t list your cell phone number (or home number) anywhere. Have a business line that is separate. There are some inexpensive ways to get a new number. Check with Google Talk or Skype if you don’t want any extra features.

2. Create a email address that is specifically for Ads that you buy. Keeping it separate will help keep your current / active email free from the excess spam.

3. There have been programs for years that are ‘web moles’. The purpose of web mole software is to scour the web and grab up email addresses used on a web page. Therefore, don’t use your email address on your site OR use an easy encryption program to hide your email address. If you are unaware of these programs, here’s a free one I use here from Dynamic Drive: Dynamic Drive Email Riddler- email encryption script and tool

4. If you are using an SEO company (or any other company to do backlinking) for you, give them a separate address from your own to manage all the spam you’re going to get from that process.

5. Check with your hosting company to see if they have Spam Assassin (or similar program) installed on your server. If so, find out how to use it to stop spam at the server level before it reaches your in-box. You may have to play with the setting so you don’t block wanted emails.

6. Have an anti-Spam program on your computer. Most Anti-virus software comes with this feature. You have a ‘junk folder’ so the spam filters through. You can check it for real ‘wanted’ emails and quickly delete the unwanted.

I hope this has been of some help!

– Elizabeth

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