Ask the Internet Marketing Expert on Facebook Fan Pages


Do you find Facebook Fan Pages relevant? How productive are they to ones business?


Answer from Elizabeth:

Facebook Fan Pages are useful when:

  1. They only target those interested in their products/services and
  2. When the owner(s) actually believe in them.

Of course, I’m the Internet Marketing person so, of course, I believe in them. But I have used Facebook in my full service business for clients like our local pool maintenance guy who has received calls from them.

The real questions are do you believe that they’ll work and are you willing to put in the work that they take to make them successful? Just like anything online, if you start a page and don’t do the work, it’ll only show visitors how uninvolved you are.

I’ve found a lot of great fan pages and groups out there that are of interest to me both professionally and personally.

It is one more strategy and if you don’t have fun with it, you don’t have a passion to share on a regular basis and you don’t have the patience to deal with all FB changes () then I’d recommend staying away.

IF, however, you do want to share your own Fan Page with me, I love finding new pages. You just go to my own fan page: 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing – Website – West Palm Beach, FL | Facebook , like it and then leave your fan page link by commenting on my wall. I’ll return the like, it is my JOY to connect with others. Facebook is my form of crack. I live on it way too much. LOL…

Hope that helps!



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