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Question Asked On Another Forum:

How can I increase my email subscriber list?



Answer from Elizabeth:

Giveaways are the common answers posted here [in the forum thread].

Two things on giveaways for gaining subscribers:

1. Giveaway something that the audience you want as subscribers would find interesting. I have a part-time hobby site S. A. Fashion Police ( where we have built subscribers by holding contests. Then, we post the contests on all the contest sites that offer free listings or “reciprocal link required” listings. The items have been cosmetic bags, cookies, and a image “how to dress” course. The only requirement for winning is to be a subscriber. This strategy works for that site because the audience is the consumer, general pubic of men and women interested in fashion, health, fitness and motivation. It WON’T work for my 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing site, because the target audience is business owners, want-to-be business owners or new online solopreneurs (individuals looking to make money with an online business). This audience is, also, called the “SOHO crowd” (small office, home office). They are not hanging out at contest sites. They’re too busy. So I may get lots of subscribers but they won’t be targeted and many will cancel subscriptions eventually because it is just ‘spam’ in their in-boxes.

2. E-books as giveways. If you have held either an audio or video webinar, podcast, interview, etc… you can actually get an e-Book created from these media formats for around $80 or less. I am actually adding a free eBook giveaway next week from a webinar I held titled, “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Business on the Internet”. How did I do this? I paid for a virtual assistant to transcribe the video webinar. Then I edited the transcription myself (this is also good if you’re a speaker and need to know how often you trail off topic and how clear you are at delivering your message), add some photos, create a PDF and then go to to pay $5 for someone to create an eBook cover for you – then voila you have an eBook in less time than it takes for me to learn how to bake a pie from scratch (don’t ask -smile-).

Now giveaways are fantastic for increasing subscribers but not the only way. I suggest using multiple strategies to build your subscriber list.

Other methods and places to go for increasing your subscribers….

1.) Networking. If you go to groups and meet with people who are your target audience, ask if you can include them on your list. Don’t just add anyone to your list or you’ll be spamming – get permission first.

2.) Only Email List Recipients. Announce that you promote to your email list first and give discounts only to list members. I have online marketing training courses and let people know who ask me questions about what course is next to join my email list to get the first notice of new courses. That has been fantastic for growing my list.

3.) Part of the giveaway thought is to giveaway free video training. If you visit 1-2-3’s of Internet Marketing – Your Guide to Online Business Success and look on the right side, you’ll see a video (soon to be updated) that offers instant access. This access is to two very easy-to-follow strategies for increasing traffic online. I, also, have this video on my Facebook Fan Page.

4.) Autoresponders. My training courses include valuable documentation for the students. To get the documents, the students complete an autoresponder form. Once they confirm their email address, the highly desired documents are delivered to them instantly and I’ve captured their email address. Similar to the giveaway with a different twist.

5.) WordPress has plugins that can be checked for people who leave comments to join your e-Newsletter at the same time.

These are just a few ideas that I hope help you out.

– Elizabeth

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