All Aboard the Facebook Fan Page “Like” Train

As of today, November 9, 2011, our Facebook fan page has 400 fans. Many of the fans were found through a couple of different “Facebook Fan Page ‘Like’ Trains”.

What is a ‘Like’ train and how does it work?

A Facebook Fan Page ‘Like’ Train is a post on a site’s forum or in a social network that someone starts basically saying, “Hey why don’t we ‘like’ each other’s pages? Here’s my fan page and if you like mine, I’ll like yours back.” After the initial post, others will comment and leave their fan page address after ‘liking’ the original posters. Eventually new posters ‘like’ the original plus the other posts.

If you’re a marketer, like me, you’re probably thinking, “Great to increase the number of fans but how targeted are your new ‘likes’ going to be?” Fantastic question! The answer is: it depends on your target audience and where you go to find (or start your own) train. I picked up three different trains in three different stations – all highly targeted passengers (love metaphors, don’t you?).

My business is delivering top quality online marketing training videos to web entrepreneurs. The first train I joined was on a discussion forum for work at home moms. The thread (original post plus comments) on that forum has an average of 10 posts per page and currently has 14 pages total, as of today. So there are approximately 120 posts possible fan pages (figuring an average of 20 repeat posts) for fan pages connecting me to mothers who work from home.

The second train I picked up in a LinkedIn group. There are a total of 890 comments from the original post of online and off-line business owners. A great many of them are repeats, but with 890 it still adds up to a nice deal. The beauty of the LinkedIn group verses the forum thread is that I get a new email every time someone adds a new comment. I don’t have to go back and look for new comments.

The last one, I just started in a Facebook group of like-minded folks seeking success and financial freedom. I started it because folks were starting to add their individual pages and I didn’t want to miss anyone. By having the links consolidated to one post, it makes it easier to make sure you connect with everyone.

Now if your business is not seeking entrepreneurs and you have a more specialized target niche, then you need to find those places your audience is hanging out. For example, my friend who has a fan page about gardening. It is in her best interest to seek forums for gardeners and either search for an existing post or start one.

So head to the train station and find your fans on a “Facebook Fan Page ‘Like’ Train”.

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