These are little gems that not too many people know about. There are two ways to utilize awards 1) receiving them and 2) giving them out.


Receiving them:
  • Awards can add a little light to your site in the minds of new-to-internet viewers.
  • will get your link on the site of the award-giver. They will set a page aside to list all of the recipients of their prestigious award.
  • Best to create a page specifically for displaying your prized awards with a link from your main page stating, "Come see our awards!" This way your site doesn't get overwhelmed with graphics and those visitors that wish to see them can.
  • Apply for awards: Old Site with List, Webby Awards, and Self Promotion


Giving them out:
  • ...will get your strategically designed award [with your web address on it] on the site of those seeking to add awards to their site.
  • ...will bring visitors to your site to fill out the form needed to obtain the award.


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