Affiliate Programs and Marketing

Affiliate programs [also known as Associate or Partnership Programs] are ways of getting others to advertise for you or, on the other side, to earn money advertising for others.


Administering Affiliate programs
  • Decide which type of program you want to utilize.
    1. Click-thru - offering anywhere from $0.01 on up to $0.30 per click-thru
    2. Referral-fee - offering a flat rate for referrals
    3. Commission-based - offering a small percentage on commission earned based on a referral


  • Help Your Affiliates
    • Create banner ads (or have an Odesk Virtual Assistant do these for you) of common pixel sizes (468x60, 120x600, and 225x125) for affilates to use.
    • Create sample tweets, facebook status posts, and blog posts
    • Give clear concise information about amount the affiliate receives per sale or per lead, how to use afflilate link, how to signup and threshold (how often) of payout
    • Create sample/ actual Emails they can send
    • Create articles they can Post to website


  • Managing Your Affiliate Program
    • Set up a system of tracking referrals. Webmaster For Hire recommends using Clickbank. They pay your customers for you, manage the tracking and will add you to their marketplace.
    • The webmasters that choose your affiliate program will advertise your site bringing you more customers. Give them all the help you can to sell your product.
    • Set up a Terms of Use stipulating all rules and regulations for advertising your product.
    • Create a newsletter for the affiliates to keep them involved, excited and current on your offering(s).
    • Send checks out on time, typically Net 30.


Joining Affiliate programs
  • Choose a company that you have an interest in or that would be beneficial to your site's visitors.
  • Place the HTML code on your site with your own recommendation for the site [i.e. "I use this site and love it because.... or have found it to be very effective because...].
  • Be sure to read the Terms and Acceptance for the program.
  • Have an understanding of the payment procedures.
  • Most importantly, make sure that the HTML code you place on your site is exactly as the program specifies.
  • Find out what happens when [on a commission-based program] a customer returns the product for a full refund.
  • Keep in mind that if the program uses 'cookies' to track the referrals that 'cookies' can be denied by the visitors and you may lose those referral credits.
  • Use to shrink and hide afflilate link(s)
  • Create Wordpress site to build topic-focused content
  • Use all marketing strategies on site to drive traffic to site/link.

Find Affiliate Programs to Sell: (make sure to checkout the programs(s) that you are recommending so that they are not scams and you get in more trouble)


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