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You go from having everything done for you, apart from your job, to being the guy who is the master of everything. That was a lot tougher than you thought, because I was going out and recruiting and trying to get business

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Let me take you back a bit just for a short moment. I started to look for other streams of income and other opportunities to expand into other businesses about five or six years ago. One thing led to another, and I got involved with some online programs, I started buying products, checking things out, reading eBooks on how to make money online, and things like that.

I ended up meeting a man about the same time I was launching this site, and we hit it off and got to know each other over a period of time. I bought a lot of his products and he was a member of my site. We got to know each other over the summer and started working together more during the fall. Since then, we've had quite a big success.

The next big thing...

Things have exploded really fast. Six years ago I didn't know what an e-mail account was or how anything worked at all. Now, I'm making over a million dollars a year online. It's quite a big change. Here's what we did..

Alright, I know this this business, but hey, these people were with us from the start. It didn't seem fair that only two of us seemed to be getting to where we wanted to go while our good friends were left behind. So, to fix the problem, we took fifteen of their top questions, and put together a manual that answers their questions in the most straight forward and direct manner we believe possible filling in the gaps in their knowledge that they needed filling if they wanted to see the income and lifestyle they were dreaming of.So what's in between the covers of the manual we created especially for our good friends?

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>You might well be wondering: what if it doesn't work for my business? What if I already know all of this? What if I'm not 100% happy with the course and it's another poor excuse to make a quick buck out of me?

>Here's my answer. If you take this course away and give it a shot, and find for any reason you are not satisfied that the results push you towards a very profitable future indeed, fire me an e-mail and show me you've put the information into action, and if it really doesn't work for you (I've not found a business that it doesn't work for to date) I'm going to send your money right back to you, plus you get to keep your whole download package free of charge to say thanks for giving us a try. The risk is all mine.



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PPS. Remember, this is 100% risk free. If for any reason you don't believe that you got your moneys worth, just contact us, show us how you put these techniques into action, and we'll give you a full refund. That's how confident we are that this really does work.

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